Welcome to the Centre for Aliative Research (CenAR)!

Established by Olga Krasa-Ryabets in 2009, we are an unofficial, informal research centre with a focus on the relationship between the arts and academic research. We do not promote one-as-the-other, but rather maintain that it is in the dialogue between the two that new meanings and understandings reside. Our network is open to anyone, although we sustain a special interest in theatre and performance.

To this end we produce shows, give lectures and conduct workshops. We apply our knowledge of cognitive studies, literary theory, performance theory and cultural analysis towards developing artistic techniques uniquely suited to our aims. We continuously seek to expand our expertise and adjust our outcomes accordingly.

CenAR originated in Prague and has been active in France, Poland, Serbia and Portugal. Since 2014, the Centre is based in Amsterdam.

But what is aliative?

It is a word we made up. It started as a joke with the Manifesto of Aliative Culture in 2009. This was a way to describe a subculture which we felt had no place among the theatrical currents available to us at the time. Since then, the term has somewhat expanded to reflect our evolving interests. These days, “aliative” is best defined as that which is not easily categorizable, shape-shifting, open to multiple interpretations, possessing one or more meanings or identities. It effectively summarizes things that interest us and gives direction to our artistic and academic efforts. True to form, the term is liable to change meaning with little or no notice.

If you’d like to know more or join our network, please contact us.

Warm wishes,

the CenAR Team.

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