Symposium for Odd Research

November 18th, 2017


Organized by Olga Krasa-Ryabets and Kryštof Krása

Speakers: Jana Siren, Tatiana Klepikova, Olga Krasa-Ryabets

The Symposium for Odd Research is a yearly CenAR event devoted to instances of what we call “odd research”. The term denotes work, academic or artistic, that falls into one of the following broad categories:

  1. The work addresses an object/phenomena that belongs to more than one category or possesses multiple or hybrid identities; that is shape-shifting, non-narrative or transitory. This is a scopic definition that includes many things from memory studies to ghosts to live performance.

  1. The work itself is in a state of transition or becoming; is incongruous with your current environment; is inter- or multidisciplinary; teeters between art and research; you just don’t know what to call it anymore.

The Symposium is a hybrid event, combining two or more mismatched elements. The 2017 session, for instance, was a series of formal academic presentations arranged in a conference format but held in a private flat and accompanied by homemade cakes and informal discussion.

Photos: Kryštof Krása

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